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Top 7 Wizarding Activities at Glade

Updated: Jul 24, 2018

Witches, Wizards, and other magical creatures from all over the country are assembling for one weekend of Spellbinding Adventure this Labor Day Weekend at The Resort at Glade Springs. Although you can purchase tickets to the Wizard's Feast a la carte, The Wizarding Weekend Package is the only way you can experience all the extra magic! This one of a kind event will let you geek out and play out your fantasies of becoming a real life student of magic. The resort offers other enchanting activities not on our list such as Escape Rooms, Laser Tag, Archery, Stand Up Paddle Boarding, Indoor and Outdoor Pools & three Golf Courses. With so many activities and events happening within Wizarding Weekend of WV, we have narrowed down our top 7 that we are most looking forward to!

7. Wand Crafting

What's a wizard without their wand? Guests get to choose a custom made wooden wand and then can take their time decorating it to their style. The Pottery Place (Beckley, WV) will be providing paint and paint brushes for you to create unique colors and styles that fit your wizarding character. We will also have paint stains, wood burners, and glitter to fit everyone's needs!

6. Sorcerer's Scavenger Hunt

At anytime of the day, guests can pick up their scavenger hunt maps at the Sorcerer's Scavenger Hunt Kiosk. Due to an unfortunate mishap in the Care of Magical Creatures class, all of our collected creatures have escaped onto the resort grounds and the forbidden forest! The resort is a big place! You can choose to spread the hunt out over the whole day or complete it first thing in the morning. For each item/creature you find, we will reward you with points for your Order of Enchantment!

5. Quidditch Practice

What's a day at wizard school without Quidditch practice? Grab a seat and watch the talented WVU Quidditch Team show you how to play! WVU has the only US Quidditch team in the state of WV. After their demo, you can try it out for yourselves! Run some drills, catch a snitch, or toss the quaffle through the goal hoops!

4. Shopping

Books-A-Million will be set up all weekend for shopping books and souvenirs. You can drink butterscotch beer all day and get a sugar rush with their chocolate frogs! The Resort shops will also be open and may feature a Wizarding Weekend Souvenir Shirt!

3. The Social Half Hour

We wanted to create a fun meet and greet with all Orders of Enchantment- so how about right before the Wizard's Feast? The social half hour will include a FREE Photo Booth for all witches, wizards, and magical creatures. Also for those staying on the package, you can get a FREE Wizardcature of yourself on scroll paper. We will have two bars set up as well- Our Elixir Bar that will feature magical alcoholic potions and our Wizard's beverage station that will feature non-alcoholic but just as enchanting potions such as Butterscotch Brew!

2. The Wizard's Feast

The Bright Ballroom will be transformed into the fully decorated Great Hall for our Wild and WANDerful Wizarding Program. Immediately following the Social Half Hour, the doors to the Great Hall will be opened and guests may enter The Wizard's Feast. The culinary team at The Resort at Glade Springs is pulling out all the stops to create the ultimate feast only fit for a wizard! During the feast, your Order of Enchantment will be challenged with Wizards Trivia so study up on your book and movie knowledge from every famous Wizard you know! Anything from the trolly? Our dessert spread will be wheeled down the aisles!

1. The Restricted Section After Party

We knew you wouldn't be ready for the magic to end. Immediately following your Wizard's Feast seating, head over to Bunkers Sports Bar at the resort where you will find the Restricted Section. Don't worry, this section is only restricted to non-magical folk. As long as you flash your wristband upon entering, you're gold! The themed beverages will continue all night long! (Although we are a family friendly event, we don't encourage children at the After Party)

This is our top 7 Wizarding Activities happening during Wizarding Weekend with more activities and events to be added! For more information about the Weekend Package call 1-866-396-3034 or visit www.gladesprings.com

September 1st is coming soon- Grab your books and clutch your brooms!

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