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A Muggle's How To Quidditch Guide

Quidditch.. our favorite sport. The game is pretty simple, right? Stay on your broom, get the Quaffle past the Seeker, avoid the Bludgers, and catch the Snitch.. if you are the Seeker. Who doesn't know that? Muggles.

Now obviously Quidditch is the best sport ever, which is why Muggles just had to create their own version. US Quidditch is almost as cool as real Quidditch, but with a few differences.

1. Flying.. duh. (I don't think I need to explain this one.)

2. The Seeker Floor

The first 18 minutes of the game is called the Seeker Floor. This affects the release of the Snitch and the amount of players on the field. See below.

3. The Snitch

In real Quidditch, the Snitch is a tiny golden ball, about the size of a walnut, with wings. The Snitch is enchanted to avoid capture, but remain within the boundaries of the playing field. The Seeker that catches the Snitch receives 150 points for their team and ends the game. In US Quidditch, the Snitch is actually a runner dressed in yellow with a Velcro tail attached to their shorts. This person is not released until the 18th minute of play. To capture the Snitch, the Seekers must pull the tail to end the game. The Seeker to capture the Snitch is awarded 30 points for their team.

4. The Bludger

Bludgers have been known to be pretty nasty objects causing broken bones, concussions, and knocking players unconscious. For US Quidditch, think dodgeball (the game, not the movie.) When a player gets hit, they must drop any ball they are holding and make contact with one of their goal posts before returning to play. This is much tamer than J.K.'s version of the game, which makes sense since we do not have Skele-Gro readily available.

5. The Gender Maximum Rule

During the Seeker Floor (see above) there can be no more than 4 players of the same gender on the field for the same team. After the Seeker Floor, there may only be 5 players of the same gender on the field. This is to ensure that US Quidditch is an inclusive sport for all genders. For more information about the Gender Maximum Rule, please see Title 9 ¾.

Join us at Wizarding Weekend along with the WVU Quidditch team to learn more about US Quidditch, and to get in on the action!

To learn more about Wizarding Weekend of WV, visit www.WizardingWeekendWV.com. To learn more about The Resort at Glade Springs, visit www.GladeSprings.com









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